SafeSign 3.0

Enforces two-factor authentication for applications, PCs or networks
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Safeguards against fraudulent logins by requiring a smart card or a USB token as secondary means of confirming your identity.

SafeSign Identity Client (IC) integrates smart card or USB Token with applications for strong authentication and digital signatures. Once rolled out, SafeSign Identity Client serves as the perfect guard for IT security and enables undreamt-of opportunities for securing your IT infrastructure.
SafeSign IC offers the most comprehensive support available on the market for (card) operating systems, smart cards, USB tokens, languages and functions.
SafeSign IC currently supports more than 200 smart cards and USB tokens. This means you have sustainable and permanent freedom of choice when it comes to manufacturer independence. Whether you decide to use NXP, G&D, Siemens, Oberthur or Gemalto products.

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